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Tourist activities on Mount Bromo

Most of tourist destinations in Mount Bromo are mountain nature tourism, there are several tourist attractions that will fascinate you with the natural beauty of Mount Bromo and also the Milkyway on sunny nights at an altitude of more than 2,500 mdpl, usually the tourists who come to travel to Mount Bromo will begin their tour in the early hours of the night at around 03.00 WIB by of a Jeep Hardtop. why is that? because if you start the tour at these hours, you will be able to see the beauty of Sunrise from the top of the hill. As for the places and activities that can be done in tourist attractions in East Java are as follows:

1. View Point (Penanjakan / Kingkong Hill)

As we have seen before, that View Point is a place that can be used to see the sights of Mount Bromo from a height, besides that tourists can also see the sunrise in the morning. There are several places that you can visit namely Pananjakan, Seruni Point, Bukit Cinta or Kingkong Hill.

2. Mount Bromo Crater

Mount Bromo crater is the second destination that is usually visited by tourists who go to Mount Bromo, a crater that has a 800 meter center line is very unique, to be able to visit the crater of Mount Bromo tourists usually do it by riding a horse or on foot, and then proceed with climbing stairs with children the stairs number 250. the view on the summit of Bromo crater is indeed very beautiful, with decorated views of the Tengger Mountains and Mount Batok which form steep lines that exist beside the crater of Mount Bromo.

3. Padang Savana (Teletubbies Hill)

The savanna is a vast expanse of grass with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 10 square kilometers, this place is also called Teletubbies hill, you will feel comfortable and cool sauce when visiting this place, the location of this tour is in the south of Mount Bromo crater, precisely in the area jemplang. You will find the uniqueness of Mount Bromo when visiting this place.

4. The Sea of Sand (Whispering Sand)

This place is also a favorite place for tourists who visit Mount Bromo, a stretch of sand that stretches out to form beautiful lines of painting. You will be able to feel the sound of a whisper when you bring your ear closer to the sand. this place has also been used as a location for filming.


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